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Materials Used


Saffiano Leather


Saffiano has a cross-hatch finish, which is a special diagonal pattern. The leather is pretty much scratch resistant. It is water resistant, durable and easy to clean. 

Pebbled Leather.jpg

Pebbled Leather


Looks and feels like natural leather. Grained leather has the advantage of being less sensitive to scratches. It is also very durable so you can trust that your bag will last for years to come.

Vegan Leather.jpg

Vegan Leather


Vegan leather also looks and feels like natural leather. This type of leather is firm and thicker, which makes the bag more structured even without paddings.

Smooth faux leather.jpg

Smooth Leather


Smooth leather is particularly well known for its resistance and longevity. The leather is also water resistant so it's fairly low maintenance.




Nylon is both water resistant and lightweight. It does not require any particular maintenance as it is beading.




Suede is a delicate leather because its surface has been sanded to obtain a velvet-like touch. Dark or vibrant suede colors may stain clear clothing if placed in close contact. On the other hand, dark clothes (such as raw jeans) may rub off on Suede. 


Crocodile Vegan Leather


Crocodile leather is composed of square, rectangular, and oblong scales. These are arranged in more or less regular patterns. Overall, this leather is high in quality because crocodile has a fine thick skin type that makes this leather more attractive.


Patent Crocodile Leather 


This is the same as the Matte Crocodile leather. The difference is that the Patent Crocodile is varnished or coated with linseed oil to create a glossy, glasslike exterior surface. The finished product is nearly waterproof.

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