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Privacy Policy

This is the EAZYPEAZY Personal Data Collection Policy, which sets forth how the company collects, encodes, and discloses your personal data transmitted via transactions and enquiries made in the site, in accordance with the Philippines Data Privacy Act of 2012.

This is to ensure that all personal data provided to EAZYPEAZY is protected at all costs; that all personal data gathered from customers is protected from any threats of the third-party aspect. Every customer of the site is subject to law and any violations committed will be dealt with according to the law this Privacy Policy adheres to.

Personal Data

In this policy, personal data relates to any information collected from visitors of the site, whether they may be via online transactions, online enquiries, and other aspects of the sort. When you create an account for EAZYPEAZY, the personal information collected may be any of the following:

  • Name

  • Birthday

  • Delivery/Billing Address

  • Mobile Number

  • Email Address

Purpose for Gathering Personal Data

Gathering personal data is aimed at the purchase of the products showcased at the site. It also serves as a means to document and analyze the data gathered, which in turn can make room for future promos and other freebies to be availed for.

With that said, EAZYPEAZY may collect, use, and disclose your personal information to certain third-parties, while also ensuring its security from external threats. Your personal data can also serve as a means for marketing research and surveys that enables understanding for EAZYPEAZY and customer preference, which will make way for EAZYPEAZY to develop new strategies to appease their market such as new promotions, marketing offers, and improve overall customer service.

Data Protection

EAZYPEAZY, in accordance with the Privacy Data Privacy Act of 2012, shall implement reasonable and appropriate measures to prevent external threats from compromising personal data gathered from customers, especially from other threats such as accidental losses, unlawful access, and destruction of data.

Your Rights

If ever you decide to make changes to your personal data, whether it be to erase certain parts of the information gathered, withdraw consent, or transfer the data to other sites or devices, you may feel free to do so by contacting EAZYPEAZY.

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